It’s Ryman’s 125th birthday and everyone is a birthday winner!

It’s our birthday, and it’s a big one, we are celebrating 125 years of being the nation’s favourite stationer.

To celebrate our birthday we’re giving away 1000s of scratch cards in our Rymans stores with some exciting prizes to be won.

Every single scratch card is a winner and prizes range from 12.5% discount in store and online, to a £1.,000 Tech and Stationery Bundle.

There are over half a million prizes to be won!


5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Ryman

#1   Ryman sells 7.8 million mls of printer ink per year – that’s enough to fill 10,400 wine bottles…….Cheers!

#2  There is still a Ryman store trading on Great Portland Street – 125 years after the first store was opened

#3  Ryman colleagues have raised more than £4 million for Comic Relief since 2008…..

#4  We don’t just sell pens, our online range is growing and evolving at a rapid rate! We now have a Home and Garden category to offer you a variety of products not just for your home office, but the rest of your house as well

#5  The iconic London Graphic Centre is part of the Ryman family, the 7,000 sq ft Covent Garden store, which is widely regarded as a stand out destination in the world of arts and graphics was bought in 2016